Date: 1941 Nov 06/07 A/C Type: Hampden I SN: AD-972 Code: EQ- A/C Nickname:
 File: 120 Airforce: RCAF Sqn/Unit:  408 Sqn Mission/Raid: Germany
1 Pilot F/Sgt. Victor C. Dadson       (Canada) 9    
2 Obs Sgt. Bernard W. Palastanga    buried Hindelooopen 10    
3 WO/AG Sgt. W.R. Wilkinson 11    
4 Rear gunner Sgt. Morgan 12    
5     13    
6     14    
7     15    
8     16                    

Aircraft was attacked by a German nightfighter over Lake IJsselmeer (Old Zuyder Sea) on the return journey from Osnabrück to UK.
After exchanging gunfire, the Hampden undertook violent evasive action and corkscrewed downwards at high speed. Aircraft was filled with smoke of own machineguns. Sgt. Palastanga thought of an eminent crash and bailed out. Drowned. A/C returned to base.

Hampden AD 972 returned to base. Sgt. Palastanga washed ashore 5 months later and was buried on the eastern Lake coast in Hindeloopen on 12 April 1942. 
He was buried there as second Allied airman. Today there are 11 washed ashore airmen buried in Hindeloopen.

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