Date: 1941 Aug 07/08 A/C Type: Hampden I SN: X3118 Code: OL-J A/C Nickname:
 File: 178 Airforce: RAF Sqn/Unit:  83 Sqn Mission/Raid: Essen
1 Pilot F/Sgt. Frederick J. Wood           buried  Amsterdam 9    
2 Obs P/O James Erskine Cunning       MIA -  Amsterdam? 10    
3 WO/AG Sgt. Ellis C. Matthewman           Hook of Holland 11    
4 AG Sgt. William J. Mackay                Bloemendaal 12    
5     13    
6     14    
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8     16                    

Crashed in the North Sea at night. We estimate some 25km west-south-west off Hook of Holland.  


Typical south-east North Sea crash, after which the crew washed ashore almost together on a stretch of Dutch North Sea coastline. In this case (south to north): Hook of Holland, Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan zee.

F/Sgt. Wood washed ashore at Zandvoort 17 August. This beach and dunes were under government of Amsterdam, therefore Sgt. Wood was buried in Amsterdam on 18 August. They had his name and service number. He was the last airman buried on the old plot 72, which was full after 18 August 1941.

The next burial in Amsterdam was 3rd September 1941, on the new virgin plot 85. Also from Zandvoort beach came a never identified RAF Pilot Officer. He would have been buried next to F/Sgt. Wood, if plot 72 was not full. There is a good chance that this unknown Pilot Officer is MIA crew member James Cunning.


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