Date: 1941 Sep 20/20 A/C Type: Blenheim IV SN: R3843 Code: WV-F A/C Nickname:
 File: 225 Airforce: RAF Sqn/Unit: 18 Sqn Mission/Raid: Attack on convoy North Sea off Zandvoort
1 Obs F/Sgt. John E. Pearson 9    
2 Pilot Sgt. John Murrey Nickleson    (Canada)  MIA 10    
3 WO/AG Sgt. Walter Meadows 11    
4     12    
5     13    
6     14    
7     15    
8     16                    

Crashed in the North Sea off Zandvoort/IJmuiden. 3 KIA.  


Sgt. Meadows washed ashore Den Helder/Huisduinen 11 October and buried there. Reburied 1947 in Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery, in the 'Den Helder section'. 

F/Sgt. John Edward Pearson washed ashore on Zandvoort beach on 19 October, buried Amsterdam.

Pilot Nickleson is MIA. He can be in the wreck, in the sea, or washed ashore and buried as unknown airman from Noordwijk up to the Danish west coast.


- 2012 research of the original Amsterdam cemetery files and reconstruction of the war graves burial plan 1940-1945.
- book 'Opgegraven Verleden' by Jan Carsjens & Piet Riteco.
- website CWGC

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