Date: 1943 Jan 27/27 A/C Type: B-24D Liberator SN: 41-23776 Code: A/C Nickname: Spirit of 76
 File: 265 Airforce: USAAF Sqn/Unit: 44 BG - 68 BS Mission/Raid: Wilhelmshaven/Vegesack. Bombed Lemmer.
1 Pilot 1Lt. Maxwell W. Sullivan    Terschelling-Margraten      9 Gunner S/Sgt. Glenn C. Pierson.  Ter.-Margr-USA
2 CP 2Lt. Duane E. Nelson          Terschelling-Margraten 10 Gunner S/Sgt. Philip J. Bloomfield  Ter.-Margraten
3 Nav 1Lt. Raymond C. Lunenfeld  Tersch.-Margraten-USA 11    
4 B 2Lt. Albert W. Glass  Lifeboat-POW (foot amputated) 12    
5 E S/Sgt. Frederick W. Clark    Terschelling-Margraten 13    
6 RO M/Sgt. Ben F. Duke     Tersch.-Margraten-Arlington 14    
7 Gunner S/Sgt. Harry L. Ottman      Tersch.-Margraten-USA 15    
8 Gunner Sgt. Thomas W. Crook Jr.                 MIA 16                    

One of the first raids on Germany by the USAAF. Targets in northern Germany were obscured by clouds and bad weather. As alternative target they chose the Dutch town Lemmer! Although many Germans there, the bombs fell behind the town in the fields. Shot down by FW190's. Tail in harbor, rest wreck on beach west of the port. Only one wounded surviver, 1 MIA.  

In October 1945 the American casualties were exhumed from the West-Terschelling 'Longway' Cemetery. This was a very solemn and impressive ceremony. They were reburied in Margraten. This is the US centralization Cemetery "Netherlands" in Margraten (NL). In 1950 four men of 41-23776 were from there reburied to the United States.

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