Date: 1944 Oct 24/24 A/C Type: P-47D Thunderbolt SN: 44-19929 Code: LM- A/C Nickname:
 File: 352 Airforce:  USAAF Sqn/Unit: 56 FG - 62 FS Mission/Raid: Rodeo Mission (Offensive patrol, strafing)
1 Pilot 2Lt. George R. Choate     KIA 9 RWG  
2 Co-pilot   10 TG  
3 Nav.   11    
4 B   12    
5 E   13    
6 RO   14    
7 BTG   15    
8 LWG   16                    

While strafing a truck, received accurate light Flak from Harlingen harbor. Crashed at Achlum 2 miles SE Harlingen. Buried there. row 4, grave 4.  

During the fast decent of the aircraft, Lt. Choate stood on the wing ready to jump, but was too low and killed in the crash when the aircraft drove deep into the ground. His colleagues in the other P-47 knew that they were somewhere on the Eastern shore line of the Zuyder Sea (Lake IJsselmeer), one thought he was at Elburg harbor and wrote that in his report (see map below). However, they were 48 miles more north at Harlingen (marked with red cross). 


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