Date: 1940-05-10/10 A/C Type: Ju-88 A-1 SN: 3035 Code: 5J + IT A/C Nickname:
 File: 371 Airfrce: Luftwaffe Sqn/Unit: 9./KG 4 Mission/Raid: Bombing Amsterdam Schiphol airfield
1 Pilot Uffz. Ernst Herzog   survived or KIA buried Germany 9    
2 Observer Lt. Günther Hinsch             KIA 10    
3 Bordfunker Gefr. Albert Fölsch             KIA 11    
4 Gunner Ogefr. Karl Danzmair         KIA 12    
5     13    
6     14    
7     15    
8     16                    

Crash position unclear. Near Schiphol, possibly village of Sloten (then farmland west of Amsterdam). 
Or further south in direction of Leiden/The Hague. Further research needed.

Source Bongers reports that KIA crew of this aircraft were moved/buried (10-15 May 1940 by Dutch armed forces? or later) into city of the Hague (near Leiden).
On 13 December 1940 Gefreiter Fölsch was exhumed and reburied in Amsterdam. We have his grave entry in Amsterdam in grave 70-133.

We assume also the remains of his colleague Karl Danzmair came with him, because Danzmair was buried in Amsterdam in 70-135.

In grave 70-134 was ? Herzog?

Today Fölsch and Danzmair are buried next to each other in the German centralisation war cemetery Ysselsteyn, graves from Amsterdam, plot CV, nr 004 and 005.

KG4 was centralizing her war-dead to Amsterdam end 1940. Also Franz Strada of sister JU-88 5J+GT was reburied from Hoofddorp to Amsterdam.
This was in October 1940.

However, it appears body of Lt. Günther Hirsch stayed in The Hague. Or, he lay there as unknown German airman and was not moved.
He was reburied in Ysselstein after the war, far away from his crew mates, in plot BH-008.

Source: 'Duitse gevallenen Meidagen 1940' by Lt. Col. (ret.) E.H. Brongers, version 6 Feb 2014.

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