Date: 1944 May 13/13 A/C Type: P-47D Thunderbolt SN: 42-75619 Code: G8- A/C Nickname:
 File: 386 Airforce:  USAAF Sqn/Unit: 362 FG - 378 FS Mission/Raid: bomber escort
1 Pilot 1Lt. Daniel A. Sipe Jr.        MIA 9 RWG  
2 Co-pilot   10 TG  
3 Nav.   11    
4 B   12    
5 E   13    
6 RO   14    
7 BTG   15    
8 LWG   16                    

Coming from Bremen. In dinghy, but lost (MIA).  The image of the P-47 (right) is just to show the type, it is not this particular aircraft.

They whole story:



Schematic map with situation.

Lt. Sipe was seen in his dinghy, course 195°. To the west of him lay the buoy (black dot) that marked the entrance to the channel between Texel Island and Den Helder. Wind (green arrow) blew towards the Northwest. It seems Lt. Sipe shortly moved 195° with the tide, but the predominant current and the wind eventually drove him out further into sea and along the Frisian Isles. Most probable he succumed in his dinghy over time. His body can have washed ashore (and buried as unknown) further Northeast along the coast as far as the south of Norway.

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