Date:1940 Aug 31/31 A/C Type: Arado 196 A-2 SN: 0059 Code: T3+EH A/C Nickname:
 File: 395 Airfrce: Luftwaffe Sqn/Unit: 1./B.Fl.St. 196 Mission/Raid: probably convoy protection North Sea.
1 P Uffz. Scheel            WIA, died of wounds? 9    
2 Obs. Lt. zur See Ernst-Joachim von Kuhlberg          (OK) 10    
3     11    
4     12    
5     13    
6     14    
7     15    
8     16                    

"22:45h. Südlich Jisselmeer, Bruchlandung, Besatzung durch holl. Fischer gerettet".
Repariert, 27,10.1940 return Schellingwoude.

Shot at by a RAF aircraft during the night. Emergency landed in Lake IJsselmeer (Old Zuyder Zee), 4 km off the coast of Nijkerk, partly sank. The sluice-operator on guard that night heard shouting for help. He and the Burgomaster and two Germans sailed in a small boat out to rescue them. Observer Lt. zur See Kuhlberg was the one calling for help, the pilot Uffz. Scheel was unconscious. If he survived the hard landing and the contact with the English aircraft is not known, but we found an entry in the Amsterdam burial file 1940 for a 'German military K. Scheel'. 

Some Amsterdam burial photos can be linked to this crash, possibly the underneath one. The saluting (Navy) Officer would then be Kuhlberg. This needs further research.

The German officer in the centre is Hauptmann (later Major) Dr. C. Pössel, the station commander of the Amsterdam Schellingwoude seaplane base. He played a big role in all the German recovery operations of Allied aircraft-wrecks from the lake, throughout the war.


- site Historisches
- internet article Stad Nijkerk by Jaap Vermeer
- 2012 reconstruction of Amsterdam burial files 1940-1945

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