Date: 1941 Nov 07/08 A/C Type: Whitey V SN: Z6948 Code: EY- A/C Nickname:
 File: 004 Airforce: RAF Sqn/Unit:  78 Sqn Mission/Raid: Berlin
1 Pilot Sgt. John William Bell                 buried Lemmer 9    
2 CP P/O George M. McCombe 10    
3 Obs Sgt. Gilbert T. Webb 11    
4 WO/AG Sgt. Donald Cameron 12    
5 Rear gunner Sgt. Raymond Boucher 13    
6     14    
7     15    
8     16                    
Shot over the Lake, turned and crashed 300m south of road between Nijemirdum and Oudemirdum. Cause: nightfighter (Becker).

Some sources report that after being hit over the Lake, the aircraft turned back towards the Eastern lake shore. Pilot Sgt. J.W. Bell parachuted out first, but landed in the water. He washed ashore eleven days later at Lemmer and was buried there on 20 November 1941. Co-pilot McCombe took controls over, but the aircraft was doomed and crashed on the lake shore. All aboard were killed in the crash. Other sources say that McCombe was flying that night, and Bell was co-pilot.

McCombe, Webb, Cameron and Boucher are buried in a small old historic cemetery in Nijemirdum.
See for photos our cemetery-file. Search Menu, search on: Cemeteries - Lake Area Cemeteries - Nijemirdum.
The photos show the field where this aircraft came down.


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