Date: 1944 Mar 22/22 A/C Type: B-17G   Fortress SN: 42-107038 Code: A/C Nickname:
 File: 427 Airforce: USAAF Sqn/Unit: 447 BG - 710 BS Mission/Raid: Berlin
1 Pilot 2Lt. Edward W. Stull  Bailed out Amsterdam 9 RWG Sgt. Louis J. Zommer     Nordhorn
2 Co-pilot 2Lt. Samuel F. Showalter        " 10 TG Sgt. Alfred Sanchez              "
3 Nav. 2Lt. Harold J. Grace    Bailed out Ilpendam 11    
4 B Sgt. John E. Tayloe                   " 12    
5 E S/Sgt. Paul J. Geis                   " 13    
6 RO S/Sgt. David E. Stowers Bailed out Nordhorn 14    
7 BTG S/Sgt. Frank I. Barry            " 15    
8 LWG Sgt. Herman Iventosh         " 16                    

On the return route back to England, hit by Flak at the Dutch-German border. Five gunners were ordered to jump near Nordhorn. Hit again over the Dutch coast at Alkmaar. Made a wide 180° turn south, with two engines out, losing altitude. Entered Amsterdam from the West. In that area the other five crew had to jump. Aircraft crashed in Amsterdam Westzaanstraat no. 63. All POW.

The empty bomber crashed on a school building in Amsterdam centre, left of Central station, near the Houthavens/Spaarndammer street. 

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