Date: 1944 Feb 10/10 A/C Type: B-17G   Fortress SN: 42-31115 Code: A/C Nickname: Hell's Bells'
 File: 445 Airforce: USAAF Sqn/Unit: 388 BG - 562 BS Mission/Raid: Brunswick (Braunschweig)
1 Pilot 1Lt. James R. Feeney     buried Uitgeest 9 RWG S/Sgt. Joseph F. Smith
2 Co-pilot 2Lt. Samuel C. Gundy 10 TG S/Sgt. Louis M. LeFevre    buried Uitgeest
3 Nav. 2Lt. Samuel I. Simon 11 Photo T-Sgt. Oscar O. Land
4 B 2Lt. John C. Dirickson 12    
5 E S/Sgt. Charles W. Ball 13    
6 RO S/Sgt. Norman F. Kajut    buried Uitgeest 14    
7 BTG S/Sgt. Walter J. Lennous 15    
8 LWG S/Sgt. Marion B. Forbis    buried Uitgeest 16                    

Over target damaged by Flak. On return approaching the Dutch coast, crew bailed out. Aircraft came down in a polder near village Uitgeest. Four of the crew were killed and buried in Uitgeest. The other seven became POW.

Below the initial graves of Lt. Feeney, Sgt. Kajut, Sgt. Forbis and Sgt. Lefevre.

Churchyard of the Protestant Church in Uitgeest. Photo was made on May 4th 1945, a few days after the German capitulation in Holland. Flowers are placed by the local people. Crosses are the original German ones with German text and date of death engraved as 10.II.1944.

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