Date: 1944 Apr 08/08 A/C Type: B-24 J  Liberator SN: 42-73495 Code: A/C Nickname: Old Hickory
 File: 470 Airforce: USAAF Sqn/Unit: 93 BG - 330 BS Mission/Raid: Brunswick
1 Pilot 1Lt. Joseph .A. Buland Jr.     POW 9 TG S/Sgt Joseph F. McDermott    POW
2 Co-pilot 2Lt. William Lansill       POW 10    
3 Nav. 2Lt. Donald T. Huemoeller     POW    11    
4 RO T/Sgt. Gregoro Oliva              POW 12    
5 Nose G Sgt. George E. Sloan       KIA in turret 13    
6 Eng/TTG T/Sgt Morris La Verne     KIA in air (burned) 14    
7 LWG S/Sgt John E. Colwell        POW 15    
8 RWG S/Sgt. Trenton T. Tucker     KIA, fell dead 16                    

Shot down by Fw-190 (Oblt. Karl Willius) on return from Brunswick. Exploded in the air at 15:20h. Fell in parts on the ground at Schokland, just east of the island, north of the road to Ens. Crew of nine.

Gunner Sgt. George E. Sloan was hit by a shell of the German fighter and was killed instantly. Also Sgt. Morris La Verne is believed to be killed in the aircraft when he was trapped by fire. Sgt. Tucker's parachute did not open or was hit by burning debris. The men were buried in Vollenhove (unidentified) on 15 April 1944, gr. 609, 610 & 611.

Our file on Vollenhove cemetery:

Pilot Lt. Joseph Buland, co-pilot William Lansill and Sgt. Gregorio Oliva parachuted last or were thrown clear in the explosion. They came down in the NOP-Polder and were arrested by the Germans from Schokland in prospector-camp Enservaart (NW of Ens).

Navigator Lt. Donald T. Huemoeller (Hümüller), Sgt. John E. Colwell and Sgt. Joe F. McDermott jumped a bit earlier and were arrested 16:00h at Steenwijk. In his post-war questionaire, Sgt. Colwell saw his aircraft flew on in direction Lake IJsselmeer (Zuyder Sea) and believed it crashed 'In Zeider Zee' (see below).



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