Date: 1941 Jul 24/25 A/C Type: Wellington IC SN: R1397 Code: A/C Nickname:
 File: 656 Airforce: RAF Sqn/Unit:  103 Sqn Mission/Raid: Kiel or Emden
1 Pilot P/O Mervyn S. Lund                 New Zealand 9    
2 CP/Obs Sgt. Arthur Edward Owen 10    
3 Fl Eng/AG Sgt. John James Cox 11    
4 WO/AG Sgt. Roy P. Williams 12    
5 WO/AG Sgt. Alfred John Le Poidevin 13    
6 Rear gunner Sgt. Frank Gordon Walker 14    
7     15    
8     16                    

Crashed at Boazum/Oosterwierum, 15 SSW of Leeuwarden. Cause: nightfighter.


Based on research on the crash site of an unknown aircraft and burials there in July 1941, Dutch airwar researchers in Friesland discovered that the aircraft involved was Wellington R1397. The crew was reburied in The Northern Cemetery in city of Leeuwarden. Text on the headstones:

Grave 1 (first grave left on row 1): 'Four Airmen, RAF, 31 July 1941, Known to God'.  Date is probably recovery and burial date. The remains of the four are in one coffin.
Grave 2: 'An Airman, a Sgt., RAF, 31 July 1941, Known to God'.  This is a crew member, recovered as most intact man of the crew.    

See file Leeuwarden Cemetery:



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