Date: 1943 May 01 A/C Type: Halifax II SN: JB803 Code: KN-G A/C Nickname:
 File: 68 Airforce: RAF Sqn/Unit:  77 Sqn Mission/Raid: Essen
1 Pilot Sgt. Gordon Watson                  KIA, buried Muiden 9    
2 CP/Obs Sgt. Ian Crawford                       KIA, buried Muiden 10    
3 Fl Eng/AG F/O Arthur E. Parsons RCAF     KIA, buried Muiden 11    
4 WO/AG Sgt. William R. Louth                             MIA 12    
5 WO/AG Sgt. Raymond Shepherd           KIA, buried Muiden 13    
6 Gunner Sgt. Leon Hannan                       KIA, buried Muiden 14    
7 Rear gunner Sgt. Thomas D. Scarff RCAF      KIA, buried Muiden 15    
8     16                    

Night 30 April/01 May 1943, on route to Essen. Was attacked by German nightfighter (Vinke) at high altitude just after entering the Dutch coast. Spiraled towards Muiden in distress. Pilot let 5 of the crew jump, but they parachuted in Lake IJsselmeer and drowned. The emergency landing went wrong and pilot Watson and rear gunner Scarff were found with severe head wounds laying dead next to the aircraft in a meadow to the north east of Muiden. Aircraft was smashed and the wreck in blazing fire. Engines deep in ground.

Pilot Gordon Watson and gunner Thomas Scarff were buried the evening of May 1st.

The next day, the body of F/O Parsons washed ashore. On the 3rd, three men of this crew washed ashore also, (Crawford, Shepherd and Hannam), all on the Diemen coastline.

Sgt. William Robert Louth was never found. He is MIA. Missing in the Lake or washed ashore around the Lake and buried as unknown RAF Sgt. with date on headstone between May 2nd 1943 and 31 January 1944.


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