Date: 1941 Jun 18/19 A/C Type: Wellington IC SN: W5665 Code: BH- A/C Nickname:
 File: 711 Airforce: RAF Sqn/Unit: 300 Sqn (Polish) Mission/Raid: Bremen
1 Pilot Sgt. W. Paleniczek           MIA 9    
2 CP/Obs Sgt. Josef Domanski                    KIA 10    
3 Fl Eng/AG P/O W. Cebrzynski          POW 11    
4 WO/AG Sgt. S. Winek                    POW 12    
5 WO/AG Sgt. Walenty Sieckza                 KIA 13    
6 Rear gunner Sgt. Piotr R. Bankowski             KIA 14    
7     15    
8     16                    

Shot down at night and crashed in the Wadden Sea (between Ameland and Holwerd?).


Three men of this crew were buried on the Frisian Isle Ameland. Because they were Roman Catholic, they were buried in Nes Roman Catholic Cemetery, next to each other.

In the 1960's, the new Centralisation War Cemetery 'Jonkerbos' in Nijmegen did not came full. It was then decided that all 4 cemeteries on Ameland island would be cleared and the airmen would be reburied in Jonkerbos Nijmegen. This proces was started and Hollum, Ballum and Nes R.C. were cleared. At the last moment, the mayor of Ameland could stop further exhummation and the war graves on Nes General Cemetery were left in peace.

Today Bankowski, Sieczka and Domanski rest in Nijmegen Jonkerbos War Cemetery in grave 7.J.2 - 7.J.3 and 7.J.4.
For some reason, the identity of Walenty Sieczka was lost or not entirely clear. He received a non-Polish CWGC headstone and is buried as Unknown Airman, died 19 June 1941. But they kept him beteeen Bankowski and Domanski.

See for photos our files on Ameland island and Nijmegen Jonkerbos. Search on: Cemeteries - Lake Area Cemeteries - Ameland island or Nijmegen Jonkerbos.


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