Date: 1944 Apr 18/18 A/C Type: P-38J Lightning SN: 42-68126 Code: KI:U A/C Nickname:
 File: 780 Airforce: USAAF Sqn/Unit: 20 FG - 55 FS Mission/Raid: Germany
1 Pilot 2Lt. Leland K. Henslee       KIA            O-756572 9    
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Back from Germany and over Lake IJsselmeer (Old Zuyder Sea) near Amsterdam, Lt. Henslee's right engine was on fire. He feathered the prop and continued course back to the UK. Passed IJmuiden and over the North Sea, the engine burned heavily and Lt. Henslee had to jump. He seemed to be wounded hanging on the parachute after he left the plane. No dinghy seen in the sea despite searching.

In our research of the Amsterdam cemetery files 1940-1945, we came across burial entry 29 June 1944: 'English military Henslee 0756572, grave 69.80.2 deep'. This implies that Lt. Henslee washed ashore 2-3 days before 29 June at Zandvoort, on a stretch of beach that was owned by the City of Amsterdam Drinkwater Company.

Henslee was not the only one washed ashore there, because another airman was buried with Henslee in the coffin above Henslee in grave 69.80.1 deep. This other airman was unknown, but he was recognized in the post war examination in Amsterdam as American (based on uniform) and transferred (as Henslee) to the US identification centre in Neuville-en-Condroz (Belgium). It is unknown if ID succeeded on the unknown man there, but we do not think so. He is buried as 'Known unto God' on the identification centre's cemetery, which is today named American Cemetery "Ardennes", Neupr√©, Belgium. In 1950, Lt. Henslee was exhumed from 'Ardennes' and reburied in the USA.


- Amsterdam burial files 1940-1945.
- Our files on American Cemetery Ardennes:

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