Date: 1943 Dec 22/22 A/C Type: B-17F Fortress SN: 42-29724 Code: A/C Nickname:
 File: 792 Airforce: USAAF Sqn/Unit: 379 BG - 524 BS Mission/Raid: Osnabrück
1 Pilot 2Lt. Edward T. Mueller              all 10 crew MIA 9 RWG S/Sgt Herman C. Thomas
2 Co-pilot 2Lt. Carl Helton Jr. 10 TG S/Sgt Robert P. Blankenship
3 Nav. F/O Pascal C. Lynott 11    
4 B 2Lt. Turley E. Bird Jr. 12    
5 E S/Sgt George G. Emery jr. 13    
6 RO S/Sgt Jesse A. Hembree 14    
7 BTG S/Sgt Joseph W. Kampf 15    
8 LWG S/Sgt Ransom S. Jacobs 16                    

Return from Osnabrück was on high altitude, above a thick deck of clouds. Formation ran into intense Flak and fighter attacks on position 52°38'N-06°20'E. This is in the Netherlands, east of Staphorst. The bomber formation was scattered. Damaged aircraft lost speed and sank beneath the clouds, often again attacked by fighters. 22 bombers were lost from Osnabrück to the British coast.

The bomber stream was harassed by German fighters from Staphorst until 80km over the North Sea off Texel Island. This aircraft was hit and went down into the sea. No survivors, 10 crew MIA.


- all MACR of the 22 December 1943 Osnabrück raid. 

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