Date: 1945 Feb 09/09 A/C Type: B-24 H  Liberator SN: 41-28841 Code: A/C Nickname: The Philly Folly
 File: 793 Airforce: USAAF Sqn/Unit: 392 BG - 577 BS Mission/Raid: Magdeburg
1 Pilot 2Lt. Burton L. Wade                  MIA 9 TG Sgt. Edward S. Townsend    MIA, WOM Cambr.
2 Co-pilot 2Lt. Richard H. Zeigler              MIA 10    
3 Nav. 2Lt. Lewis L. Saunders Jr         MIA 11    
4 B F/O Walter R. Somerhalder      IJmuiden 25-06 12    
5 RO S/Sgt Theo E. Luniewicz          MIA 13    
6 WG S/Sgt. Robert W. Kudej            Petten, 09-04 14    
7 WG Sgt. James L. Jamar Jr        Castricum 25-04 15    
8 LWG Sgt. Bradford E. Pergrande      IJmuiden 26-04 16                    

On return from Germany turned back over North Sea, on a position west of Bergen aan Zee. Probably turned away in a southern turn and headed back for the Dutch coast. Crashed in the North Sea north-west off Wijk aan Zee. All dead.

If the five MIA of this crew have washed ashore, then these locations must have been the Dutch coast above (north) of the crash position and town Zandvoort, in direction and including the Frisian Islands, the German Bight and the west coast of Denmark. 

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