Date: 1940 Jun 13/13 A/C Type: Heinkel 115-B SN: 2732 Code: 8L + FL A/C Nickname:
 File:   081 Airfrce: Luftwaffe Sqn/Unit:  3./Kfl.Gr.906 Mission/Raid: Mine-laying southern North Sea
1 Pilot Feldw. Heinz Osterkamp                   survived crash 9    
2 Observer Lt. zur See Werner-Otto Pflegel        KIA 10    
3 WO/AG Uffz. Paul Barabas                             survived crash  11    
4     12    
5     13    
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8     16                    

Crashed during landing on the water. Off float plane basis Schellingwoude (IJmeer), sank. Recovered by the base recovery-team 1940.
The 2 BMW radial engines with propellers jammed in clay-bottom recovered from the crashsite in 2005.


Observer Leutnant zur See Otto-Pflegel was in his position in the frontal dome of the plane, when the aircraft nose-dived forward and drove deep into the water during a too hard landing. The BMW radial engines drove 1 meter deep into the clay-bottom of the lake (2.50m deep here) and broke-off from the wing. Pflegel smashed through the glass of the nose and was killed/drowned. His navigational instruments and other equipment from the nose, still lay in 2005 on the bottom on the position of impact in a 2 meter wide circle. Lt. Pflegel was buried on the German Frisian Isle Nordeney, which was the units base at that time. In July 1940 the unit moved to here. Today this crash site is under the sand of the new build Amsterdam suburb 'IJburg' (pronounced 'Eiburg').  


See here for photos of the recovery of the BMW-engine in 2005: 

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