Relation with Lake (class): Lake Casualty Cemetery (LCC)  
Total nr. of casualties buried here (TC): 12 or 13 end WW2. Today: 11. 
Lake casualties, initially, end WW2 (LC-I): 12 or 13.
Unknown today: 5.
of which unknown from Lake (LC-U): 5
of which unknown from North Sea (NS-U): 0
Initial burial site in WW2: yes, Lake Cemetery on the East side of the lake (LCE).
Post war burial site for collection and reburial from other sites: no.
Cemetery with Lake casualties today: yes (LCE).


Well known Old Zuyder Sea village on the East side of the lake. Eleven Allied airmen (of which 5 non-identified) are buried here alongside the path leading to the church entrance. Tourists visit the church continuously, making these war graves the most viewed in the Netherlands. For more information on the airmen, see the overview further below.


Dutch name cemetery: Hindeloopen begr. pl.  Protestantse kerk.
Full name: Hindeloopen Protestant Churchyard
Address (usable for car navigation):
Dijkweg 4, Hindeloopen.

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All airman come from the lake. They washed ashore at the foot of the dike, were brought in by fishermen or recovered by the sea rescue boat between December 1st 1941 and July 26 1944. The German airman buried here, had participated on one of the last air attacks on England in the night of March 03/04 1945.





Best explanation for the empty grave in Plot D, Row 1, grave 4, is that an American airman was initially buried here (* in above scheme).



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