Relation with Lake (class): No. Former war graves in area (FLC)  
Total nr. of casualties buried here (TC): at least 8 end WW2, today 0.
Lake casualties, initially, end WW2 (LC-I): 0
Unknown today: 0 
of which unknown from Lake (LC-U): 0
of which unknown from North Sea (NS-U): 0
Initial burial site in WW2: yes.
Post war burial site for collection and reburial from other sites: no.
Cemetery with Lake casualties today: no.


In IJmuiden Cemetery 'Wester begraafplaats' are no more war graves. The Allied war graves were cleared. This civilian cemetery (red square on photo below) is close to the Fishery harbour and sluices, boats are in sight. During the war this was a fortified area, part of the Atlantic Wall and heavily bombed from the air. IJmuiden port was defended by concentrated German 88 and 105mm heavy Flak batteries. Allied casualties found in sea or washed ashore here were brought to Amsterdam for burial, but also in nearby Velsen-Driehuis 'Westerveld' Cemetery, some however were buried locally on this cemetery. On the satellite photo below-right (image with red dots) ships can be seen going in and out the harbor entrance. Smoke is coming from their chimneys (white puffs with black shadow on the water). 

Dutch name cemetery: IJmuiden Wester begraafplaats 
Full name: IJmuiden Western Cemetery.
Address (usable for car navigation):
Fultonstraat 9, or Havenkade. IJmuiden.

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The main entrance is on the Havenkade street, but there is no parking opportunity there. Best is to use the secondary entrance on Fultonstreet. Below photos show the Havenkade main gate in year 2016 and the main gate at the opening in 1896.


Central path.

Below: path near the morgue.

Below: 1940-1945 section. War graves exhumed.

Below image was made during the attack on IJmuiden on 26 March 1944. The USAAF 9th Air Force hit IJmuiden that day with more than 325 Marauder B-26 loaded with 1000 lbs bombs. Aircraft in the photo is according to the text on the back the 41-31613 (386 BG), piloted by Major Sherman R. Beaty or Capt. Robert J. Owen Jr. Target were the German bunkers at the harbor entrance, especially the big Schnellboat bunker. This cemetery on the end of the 45° diagonal positioned Fishery harbor seems not to be hit, but bombs land close. One B-26 was shot down and crashed in the wooded dunes behind the smoke. This was B-26 42-34853, crew 2Lt. Halmyth C. Reese. He and his crew were buried on March 29, in 'the cemetery at the Havenkade, IJmuiden, community Velsen'. 

Lt. Reese's crewmembers were Co-Pilot Major William C. Berryman, Sgt. Ralph R. Brown, S/Sgt. Alex E. Sundberg, Sgt. Paul R. Scott and Sgt. Donald L. Jacobs. This was their initial burial place before they were exhumed post war and transferred to American centralization War Cemetery "Netherlands" in Margraten. Lt. Reese, Sgt. Sundberg and Sgt. Scott are still there, the others were exhumed from Margraten and reburied in the USA in 1950. Other Americans were buried in IJmuiden 'Wester' as well.

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Below. In January 1917 (WW1) a German Torpedoboat (the V69) was hit hard by British Navy shells off the Dutch coast. The crippled German ship found refuge in IJmuiden harbour. Five of the crew were buried here under below monument that shows 1916 in stead of 1917. Names of the five are: Matrosenobergefreiter H. Hammer, Matrose K. Klintworth, Matrose K. Dierks, Machinist J. Meven and Machinist K. Bertram.

Photo below: Fultonstreet. This was the entrance and position of the main gate in 1896. Looking through the gate, the white morgue building is visible, just as on the above old photo from 1896. The main gate was later transferred to Havenkade- treet. Fultonstreet became the secondary entrance.

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