Date: 1940 Sep 02/02 A/C Type: Heinkel 115-B SN: 2218 Code: 8L+LL/GL A/C Nickname:
 File:  165 Airfrce: Luftwaffe Sqn/Unit:  3./Kfl. Gr. 906 Mission/Raid:
1 Pilot Uffz. Felix Bock      (KIA, buried Amsterdam) 9    
2 Obs. Lt.z.See Andersen    wounded or KIA, grave 70-102? 10    
3 Gunner no name, probably also KIA 11    
4     12    
5     13    
6     14    
7     15    
8     16                    

Crashed in sea at floatplane base Schellingwoude. Some parts were found 08/1974 in South-Flevoland (Pampushout).
Parts recovery by RNethAF.

Source: Historisches "Zuiderzee, Abstürz, Ursache unbekannt, 100% write-off, Besatzung tot: Uffz. Felix Bock'.

No other names mentioned, but Uffz. Bock was buried with 2 others... (photos). Crash was 8km east of base, so location 'Zuiderzee' is matching.

Photo of the German wreck recovery shows 8L+GL, <100%. Or these photos show an unknown crash and a/c with unknown Werkenummer.  

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